D E S I G N   S E R V I C E S

Kick Off.jpg

Brainstorm - Kick Off

  • tropical brainstorm workshop
  • road map + story line
  • brand pyramid (interactive session on features, functions, and values)
  • stakeholder group session
  • multidisciplinary team


  • overall diagramatic vision plan
  • conceptual design + story line
  • program development
  • main feature identification
  • initial master plan



  • overall illustrative master plan
  • schematic design enlargements
  • site sections + details + materials
  • consultant coordination
  • ROM estimates

C O N S U L T I N G    S E R V I C E S



  • owners representation
  • design director through construction documents
  • client + government liaison
  • operational support


  • consultation
  • speaking + presentations
  • project + team formation

Vision Planning

Implementing an exclusive Vision Planning process developed and refined from the collective knowledge of entertainment, branding, marketing, and hospitality professionals with over twenty years of industry experience, IDEA, Inc.’s signature approach ensures branded destinations that are both innovative and commercially viable.  An IDEA Vision Plan utilizes a unique approach which combines an in depth study of a location’s character and image in a graphic presentation encompassing the creative brand and guest experience, as well as the Master Plan of the destination.  These Vision Plans can be customized for a variety of applications, from small hospitality developments to the development of national initiatives.  

Port Development

Port Development is a complex process of Vision Planning, Branding, engineering, political and governmental negotiating  all with the focus of completing an economically lucrative Port of Call Destination. IDEA Ports of Call are comprehensive, guest experience-driven environments that also include Land Side Commercial Development. These Ports are extensions of the cultural community and include retail, food and beverage outlets, as well as residential components. A well designed Port of Call has a sense of arrival, a sense of place, and establish a place in time for arriving guests. Our Ports of Call not only efficiently facilitate the arrival of guests, they embrace the guest as a member of cultural experience. 

Motivated by a dramatic increase in Caribbean cruise tourism over the past two decades, a major shift of significant proportions is influencing today's Port Development efforts throughout the Caribbean, Alaska, in the Mediterranean, and beyond. The huge impact of a 30% incremental cruise ship passenger growth has increased demand for cruise ship berths and heightened guest awareness. The next decade of Port Development will herald a whole new era of world-class Signature Port Destination Development capitalizing on the unique sights, sounds and personalities of each island or cultural destination. By creating ports into World Class Destinations reflecting the location's culture and energy, tomorrow's Ports of Call will provide a truly memorable and compelling guest experience with commanding Brand Presence that will have tourists asking for ports by name.


IDEA works with clients to develop an exclusive brand essence that differentiates their destination from the competition and helps position it as a "must-see destination." The process is called "branding" or creating a one-of-a-kind destination that captures the distinctive personality, charm, color, culture, history, and unique heritage of the location. IDEA, working in partnership with clients, infuses the destination's brand essence into every aspect of development from architecture, interior design, and signage to special events, themed restaurants, clubs, and waterfront development. The result is a branded destination unlike anywhere else in the world.